That makes also different connections in the brain and you're able to translate that in humour and even you can draw that  magic process is'nt it?
I bet there are no theories and proofs who can explain that.

Of course I talk aswell to scientists, professors etc.  
But they only have factual information.
They learned that at school and teach the same stuff to their pupils (so nothing new, no imagination and a fact remains a fact for them).

Lately I discussed the discovery of the theory "specific gravity" by Archimedes when his bad was overflowing.
1 litre water=1 kg.

I asked the professor what would have been the measure in case Archimedes would have had a lot of garlic for dinner and farthed in the water.
The volume would change because of all the air in his blown belly.
THe professor thought that I was crazy, but I was serious (he could not even smile).